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Early Career

Early in his career, Kendall Coffey served as President of the Dade County Bar Association.

Kendall Coffey highlights the main aspects of the transfer of documents to Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

Kendallcoffey - RobertMueller

Former US Attorney Kendall Coffey continues to answer the most pressing political questions from Larry King. With regards to the transfer of documents to Special Counsel Robert Mueller, he singles out additional categories of criminal interest such as those who are in Trump’s administration having falsified, through inclusion or omission, material information on their financial disclosure forms or national security forms. To date, we know already that there are a couple persons of interest including General Flynn who has been questioned about this. The most important factor is the possible obstruction of justice by false statement. Kendall Coffee believes that the exact nature of the situation will be revealed before the interviews have been completed.